The sterilization  and / or inactivation systems of liquid effluents from hospitals, labs and other similar activities all suffer from the same problem: they are complicated, are expensive, are big, usually using temperature and pressure, and basically very complicated to use.

VentilAQUA WHITE has developed a range of equipment for the same purpose working on a cold process (room temperature) , without pressure issues, easy to use, small, compact, automatic, very simple and friendly.

Using simple chemical processes and advanced oxidation operations, using chemical reagents or atmospheric air, it provides much higher power of sterilization and inactivation , with the advantage that all work is carried out on site at the "source" of the production of these effluents, immediately, without any risk of transport, discharge, storage, handling, collection, breakage, etc.

The STERI + and STERI+O3 units come in a full range of models, starting with those of direct installation in laboratories, which can even be installed under the lab bench, systems compatible with 1000 or more hospitals beds. They are compact units, built entirely in appropriate materials (stainless steel and plastic), designed to be compatible with the new units with sanitary network or older units with combined sewer systems.
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