In response to a growing concern among authorities worldwide about a huge risk to public health from contaminatedof hospital wastewater  releases, VentilAQUA began developing technology to solve this problem, in collaboration with its partner GEMA Environnement and has even created a division to support this process, VentilAQUA WHITE

Today, most hospitals, clinics, laboratories, forensic laboratories, mortuaries and other related services discharge their contaminated wastewater  into the public sewage system or deal with third party subcontracted companies approved for this purposes.

In all cases, these operations are only increasing exponentially the risk of contamination, create conditions which can drive to accidents, breakdowns and other incidents that can expose people to uncontrolled contamination of these effluents.

The existence of this type of wastewater in sewer systems and sewage treatment plants only serve to create more favorable conditions for growth of strains of pathogenic bacteria and other unknown agents. Again, container handling (drums) filled with highly contaminated effluents, with the risk of rupture during handling , during loading and unloading, the risk of accidents and transportation disruptions, etc., are a more than obvious evidence that the current state of treatment of these wastewaters does not protect at all, public health.

The solution for in-situ treatment is far more correct, but  the market lacked in for new technology with low operating costs, easy to use, providing results.

VentilAQUA invested much of its resources to develop technology for cold sterilization, working without pressure nor temperature with a low investment cost and operating costs quite negligible,
With fully guaranteed results in the inactivation of potentially dangerous effluents as well as elimination of microbial activity (bacteria and viruses) and the elimination of recalcitrant molecules, mainly from the activity of the various types of analytical laboratories .

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