The Global approach of VentilAQUA to the market began with its own foundation, as it resulted from joint efforts of Portuguese and international companies, besides having in its leading roles people with international working experience, therefore creating all conditions for a widespread and worldwide activity.
With an initial consolidation effort in its local market, soon VentilAQUA began its expansion to other markets, starting with Spain, and then evolving to Marocco and Cape Verde, Angola, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Tunisia, also due to partnerships arranged with local agents.
It was undoubtedly its global vision that allowed VentilAQUA to open its activity to other markets despite its small scale and small human structure. The conviction that there’s a hole lot of opportunities round the world, an open minded and multicultural staff, with five or six spoken languages in the office, the availability of managers and directors for travelling, technical and technological capabilities, competitive prices and big effort have been the key for this international experience success.
This growing strategy based on exportation and overseas markets will be to continue for the next years, in the belief that only a global approach allows small companies, and mainly very technological ones, to win.
(...) growing strategy based on exportation and overseas markets (...)
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