VentilAQUA provides to the market the appropriate technological tailormade solutions, according to the needs of each client with the best and most updated waste water treatment technologies, developing the full process, from solution design to supply and installation of required equipments, most of them developed and manufactured by VentilAQUA, thanks to its industrial capacity, coming from two industrial plants.

VentilAQUA provides specific pre-assembled units (compact WWTP's) for application in various industrial sectors, with its own design and technology, patented and registered, developed in collaboration with national and international research institutions and supported in their ongoing training programs and internal and external R&D .

Such skills allow continuous updating of technologies and equipment conception in order to be always at the forefront in the global market, allowing to become market leader in some of these industrial sectors.

- Disking/Sieves
- Sedimentation
- Filtration
- Membranes
- Oil removal and purification
- Coagulation/Floculation
- Dissolved air Flotation
- Electro-coagulation
- Electro-oxydation
- Electro-Fenton
- Adsortion/Resins
- Fenton Process
- Jet Loop aeration
- Emulsion Acid Breaking
- New chemicals
- Conventional activated sludge and extended aeration
- Removal of nitrogen and / or phosphorus
- Membrane Biological Reactors (MBR)
- Fixed bed percolators
- Moving bed biological reactors (MBBR)
- Discontinuous Biological Reactors(SBR)
- Rotational Percolators (Biodiscs)

VentilAQUA has an extensive expertise in the development and delivery to the Market of the most modern and updated chemical and biological treatment solutions for most industrial sectors and sources of wastewater, also from its continuous partnership with several R&D institutions around the globe.

The experience accumulated over the years in developing this type of solutions, including performing advanced treatment processes put VentilAQUA at the forefront of the restricted group that dominates this type of technology.
Actually VentilAQUA is known, to date, as a provider of high-tech solutions in the field of industrial waste water treatment, namely with electrochemical processes (electro-coagulation, electro-oxydation, electro-fenton, electro-filtration), catalytic processes (photo catalysis, fenton catalytics), adsortion technologies, new chemicals development.
In the field of electro-chemistry, VentilAQUA has developed a range of electro-coagulation and electro-oxydation compact cells, modular, easy to install and operate in paralelle or series display, focusing on simple, cheap, easy to replace sacrificial electrodes. Operating costs and efficiency are the main features of these technologies and allow VentilAQUA’s VABEC units (see leaflet) to be extremely competitive on a capex and opex point of view. Electro.coagulation and electro-oxydation have the power to replace existing traditional chemical processes with much lower operating costs and lower sludge production and also provide accessible solution ofr hard mollecules removal from waste waters, which traditional chemical technologies can not reach.

The development of solutions from scratch or revamping of existing units, through the operational management and microbiological and biochemical monitoring of installations in operation, with highly specialized services, are areas where VentilAQUA has performed successfully and has been reinforcing its importance and notoriety at a National and International level.

As a result of this work, VentilAQUA possesses several biological units throughout the world, from the EU, Eastern Europe, Asia and South America, including textiles, food, dairy sectors , food processing, wineries, tanneries, etc.
We are able to provide the most advanced and up-to-date technologies ...
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